Solar Activity

During a normal 11-year sun spot cycle there is a lot of solar activity. The sun gives off solar flares, solar wind and coronal mass ejections (CMEs) which can result in electromagnetic pulses (EMPs).  A solar EMP hit the earth in 1859 with destructive results.


Because of our present-day lifestyles and dependence on the supply chains for food, water, fuel, transportation, electrical power, banking, and communications, the next EMP is predicted to be devastating. A nuclear EMP is equally devastating.


When there is a power failure, most people just think there is a power failure. Knowing that it was caused by an EMP gives a person a heads-up and a better chance to activate a survival plan. That’s where an InfraSignal Radio EMP system can play a major role. There are several special features built and programed into the radio and EMP sensor.


We designed in features to help prevent fault alarms and failure. The inside of the radio case and the ground (seismic) vibration  sensor have been metalized to provide a Faraday Shield. The short cable that connects the EMP Sensor to the InfraSignal Radio is designed to resist the effects of an EMP. Setup instructions and a small test magnet are provided.


We designed in features to prevent small children from resetting an EMP detected alarm without their parent’s knowledge. They can mute the alarm, but unless they can read, it is very unlikely they can reset it.


We designed in a very fast “save-to-memory” function in the event of a power failure immediately after an EMP event. When power is restored, (perhaps with a generator or backup battery) the alarm will sound and a message will appear on screen, explaining that a pulse was detected before loss of power. Both of these conditions, “pulse detected” and “loss of power” have to happen to enable the message.


The only way that this alarm condition can be reset is for a person to use a special sequence to reset it. Touch the OPTIONS button, >> ALARM TEST button >>ALARM RESET button. This reset information is also included in the on-screen message.


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