Mountain Homeowners


If you live downhill on the side of a mountain or in a beautiful valley and the soil is saturated with water, there’s always a danger of a mudslide.


In the United States in the past 25 years, most people killed by mudslides were buried alive while they slept in their beds. The mudslides occurred at night and the people didn’t hear them coming


Mudslides and mudflows usually start small and build with debris as they flow downhill. Because of the tremendous weight of the mud, large boulders, trees and other debris flowing downhill, the mudslide creates a very strong low frequency rumble and vibrates the ground for miles ahead of the flow.


The InfraSignal Radio Seismic Monitor & Alarm Systems are designed to detect these low frequency seismic (ground) vibrations and sound the alarm. See (About The Radio)

Flash Floods

According to the National Weather Service website, flash floods are the nation’s #1 weather-related killer in the United States.


Flash floods are caused mainly by heavy rainfall, but sometimes by broken dams. One thing they both have in common, they come in a flash and most of the time, bring debris with them.


Similar to mudslides, flash floods contain a lot of mass, they’re heavy and create a low frequency rumbling vibration in the ground as they flow downhill. Also, flash floods are much faster than mudslides so people have less time to escape to safety.


These low frequency seiamic rumbles are detected by the InfraSignal Radio Seismic Monitor & Alarm System which sounds the alarm. This gives people more time to get to safety. The earlier the warning, the better. See (About The Radio)


If you live in an area that’s prone to deadly earthquakes, the InfraSignal Radio Seismic Monitor & Alarm System could warn you of an approaching secondary wave.


When an earthquake occurs, it produces vibrational (seismic) waves in all directions. The wave that travels mostly horizontal and directly toward a distance point from the epicenter is referred to as the primary wave. The wave that travels up, down and mostly sideways is referred to as the secondary wave. Because the secondary wave takes a longer path than the primary wave, it arrives later, maybe many seconds later. The primary wave can be very subtle and doesn’t do much damage, if any. Sometimes it’s not even noticed by people.


Then along comes the secondary wave and rocks your world. This is the one that does all the damage. Now, because the primary wave travels more direct and arrives before the secondary wave, if you had been alerted when the primary wave arrived, you may have been given precious seconds to get to safety before the secondary wave destroyed the house you were in. See (About The Radio)

Tornado Alley


If you live in tornado alley or anywhere that has frequent tornadoes, knowing early that a tornado has touched the ground can give you a better chance to get to safety.


When a tornado touches down and starts tearing up trees, houses and other structures, it creates tremendous low frequency roaring (seismic) vibrations in the ground which can travel for miles. When detected, these vibrations can serve as an early warning, given you precious time to get to safety.


The InfraSignal Radio Seismic Monitor & Alarm System is designed to monitor for these low frequency (seismic) ground vibrations and alert you when they are detected. See (About The Radio)

Beachfront Homeowners


If you live next to or on a steep slope, there’s always a danger of a landslide after a heavy rain. Both the United States Geological Survey (USGS) and Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) websites report lots of warnings signs before a landslide occurs. All of these warning signs involve small movements and vibrations in the ground.


When the landslide finally breaks away from its adjacent soil and slides downhill, it takes homes and other structures with it. Early detection can help prevent this. If you know about the small movements and vibrations in the ground well in advance, you may be able to have the steep slope reinforced or move the house.


The InfraSignal Radio Seismic Monitor & Alarm System is designed to detect and warn you of these early (seismic) vibrational signs and of course the landslide itself. See (About The Radio)


If you live along a coast line and close to sea level in many parts of the world, tsunamis are always a possibility.


In 2004 a magnitude 9.1-9.3 underwater earthquake near Indonesia created a tsunami that killed an estimated 230,000 to 280,000 people in ten different countries around the Indian Ocean.


Noted among the survivors were elephants giving tourist rides, that were close to the shoreline just before the tsunami hit. The elephants with the tourist fled to higher ground. It is believed the elephants felt the low frequency rumbling vibrations in the ground.


The vibrations were caused by the rushing seawater over the rough topography of the seabed and reefs just off shore. If people could have felt these low frequency rumbling vibrations in the ground, maybe a lot fewer people would have died.


Like the elephants, the low frequency (seismic) vibrations are detected by the InfraSignal Radio Seismic Monitor & Alarm System which sounds the alarm. This early warning system could give you a chance to get to safety before being swept out to sea. See (About The Radio)