Locate the InfraSignal Radio and Nuclear & Solar EMP Sensor in a convenient location close to an AC power outlet.  Before attaching the radio to the display stand, route the AC to DC wall adapter power cord through the 1 1/4″ hole in the display stand and connect to the radio. Connect the special 2’ long cable with the red connectors to the radio and sensor, also through the 1 1/4″ hole in the display stand. Plug in the AC to DC wall adapter to the AC power outlet.


Remove the protective backing from the sticky side of the Velcro. This may require the use of a small pen knife of other small point tool. Carefully align the radio with the display stand and press them together. Turn the Nuclear & Solar EMP Sensor so that either broad side is facing generally north. The exact direction is not critical.


Turn the radio on. Wait until the radio has finished booting up, then touch the OPTIONS >> NORMAL AGC >> FAST IMPULSE RESPONSE >> DETECT PULSE buttons. A red-letter P will show in the CURRENT AGC SETTINGS window. This red-letter P indicates that the radio is setup to detect a fast pulse and sound the alarm.  Touch the DETECT PULSE ON CHART button to go to the chart display. If you like, you can monitor the system using the INFRASIGNAL ON SCOPE mode. The EMP DETECTOR system is now set up.


                                                PLEASE TAKE NOTE OF THIS “ALARM” INFORMATION


When an EMP is detected, it is saved to nonvolatile memory very fast before the system loses AC power. When power is restored, (perhaps with a generator or backup battery) the alarm will sound and a message will appear on screen that says “A pulse was detected before loss of power. To reset the alarm, touch the OPTIONS >> ALARM TEST >> ALARM RESET” buttons. This ensures that you are alerted to a NUCLEAR or SOLAR EMP and loss of power, the two events occurring together. The only way that this alarm condition can be reset, that is, when using the detect pulse option and after power is lost and then restored, is to use the special sequence in the message to reset it. This special reset sequence is designed to prevent members of your crew from accidentally resetting it without your knowledge. They can easily mute the alarm sound, but unless they can read, (young children) it would be very unlikely they could reset the alarm.


When a less than severe NUCLEAR EMP, SOLAR EMP or extremely close, ear shattering LIGHTEN strike  occurs and the power is not lost, the alarm will sound until reset. In this case, because power was not loss, resetting the alarm is normal and does not require the special sequence.


                                                                TEST THE NUCLEAR & SOLAR EMP SENSOR


Under normal circumstances when using the InfraSignal Radio with the NUCLEAR & SOLAR EMP Sensor, the display will show only low-level noise. To generate a signal and test the system, we have provided a small magnet in an envelope. Hold the envelope at the top and an inch or so from the sensor face. Swing it side-to-side several times in front or back of the EMP Sensor. You should see a signal displayed on the screen.  Now position the envelope and magnet close to the sensor, swing it side-to-side several times. You should see a stronger signal and the alarm should sound; it has passed the test. If you want to see the message mentioned above, don’t reset the alarm. Turn the power off and then back on. After the radio boots up, the message will appear on screen.